28th Congress of Neurology and Clinical Electrophysiology of Iran

28th  Congress of Neurology and Clinical Electrophysiology of Iran due to the current covid pandemic was held both online and presented shapes with the cooperation of the most reputed professors from all over Iran from 3 to 6 of August at the Olympic Hotel. Medisa Ara Gostar’ department as a Bronze sponsor has hosted professors of neurology, residents, and visitors in its booth exhibition. Moreover, the company has hosted a dinner party for some neurologists on Wednesday. 
On the last day of the congress, Medisa Ara Gostar arranged a webinar to share information of Cannabidiol (CBD) effectiveness to improve movement disorders and various types of spasticity. Then, a workshop on Xeomin injection was performed on a woman patient with Blepharospasm. After that, the role of CBD in combination with botulinum toxin Xeomin in the treatment of movement disorders to gain the best results was discussed. In this webinar, about 15 professors including Dr. Masoud Nabavi (Multiple Sclerosis fellowship), Dr. Farzad Sina (Epilepsy fellowship), Dr. Mohammad Ali Nahayati (Multiple Sclerosis fellowship), and Dr. Amir Hassan Habibi (Movement disorder fellowship) presented at the place of congress and about 130 visitors have participated online in the webinar. In the following, professionals completed a question and answer panel. At the end of the congress, all the participated companies were commended with a plaque of appreciation.





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