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The aesthetic and pharmaceutical department of “Khosro Medisa Teb” company was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting the overall health condition and increasing lifestyle quality of people through importing world renowned brands such as Fotona, Lumenis, Juvederm, etc. Although the international sanctions slowed down the process for a period of time, post-sanction blooming economy caused KMT’s activities to expand even more than before; relying on its international potential and with the sheer objective of becoming a local pioneering company in the aesthetic and pharmaceutical fields, KMT started cooperation with top European and US companies. Medisa Ara Gostar is currently one of the subsidiaries of KMT and all its endeavors are steered towards gaining the utmost consent of clients and increasing the life standards of society by presenting high quality aesthetic and pharmaceutical products and equipment. Our strong belief is that the best ostensive benchmark for evaluation of our success in fulfilling our goals is the satisfaction of our customers and a great motivation also for us to do our best in giving the most proper after sale service; Indubitably, the fulfillment of our visions is depended merely on gaining the trust of physicians and all other members of society who would be our users. Medisa Ara Gostar’s intention is to manage the health and beauty cycles through innovative approaches and modern technology; we find ourselves obliged not only to combine art and beauty in various dimensions, but also increasing the general knowledge of society even though it would have the slightest role in the improvement of health conditions. Our mission is to become the first choice of pharmaceutical and aesthetic professionals by variety of portfolio and top quality products.




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Medisa Ara Gostar provides innovative medical and pharmaceutical solutions to enhance the quality of life to continually improve healthcare. We work hard to track the highest standards of quality in the selection of products. The group strongly believes that customer satisfaction is the primary benchmark of success and emphasizes in rendering the best after-sales service.



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