Relieving the Oncological Issues with Inovo LipoMed

The latest achievements in the oncology branch were shared in the webinar of the 30th of May at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini hospital. In the event, Inovo LipoMed (CBD liposomal oral solution) was introduced by Medisa Ara Gostar Company. The significant applications of this medicine with anti-tumor activities included, decreasing of nausea, vomiting and pain induced chemotherapy and preventing of angiogenesis in cancer patients. In this program, there existed privileged doctors named Dr. Emami, head of the medical oncology department of the cancer institute deputy vice president for Imam Khomeini education department, and Dr. Roudini, senior fellowship in adult blood and cancer at Imam Khomeini hospital, and other 25 doctors (15 out of them participated online). In the end, they answered the patient’s questions.







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