The Third International Neuroinflammation Congress of Neuroscience

The Third International Neuroinflammation Congress & Student Festival of Neuroscience

In second day of the congress, the injection workshop of Botulinum Toxin Xeomin in treatment of movement disorders was held by Medisa Ara Gostar Company and with cooperation of two of the most reputed neurologists, Dr. Amir Hassan Habibi and Dr. Ali Shoeibi.

Initially, the event begun with the speech of Dr. Habibi about introduction of Botulinum Toxin Xeomin and its applications in treatment of movement disorders, and then the muscles were shown under sono-guide by Dr. Shoeibi. Subsequently, Botulinum Toxin Xeomin was injected on 3 patients suffering from Blepharospasm, Hemifacial spasm and Sialorrhea. Eventually, the muscles of a cadaver were shown in the explanation room.

The 1th Iranian hands-on cadaver workshop was designed with the purpose of training of young neurologists. More than 40 neurologists attended in this valuable hands-on workshop and were provided an excellent opportunity for more acquaintance with muscles and practical injection of Botulinum Toxin.

This event was one of the most important recent workshops because for the first time in Iran, the toxin was injected on the cadaver.




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